FUE-MUK agree on partnership

Federation of Uganda  (FUE) and Makerere University (MUK) have signed a five year memorandum of understanding to partner and work together on key issues regarding employment. This comes after past successful cooperation and partnership between the two institutions which led to a successful 2013 Employer of the Year Award survey (EYA).

Besides teaching and research, this partnership will focus on internship and apprenticeship opportunities for University students who will be availed the opportunity to easily reach out to Employers and in the process getting them ready for real life employment said the MUK Vice Chancellor , Prof. John Ssentamu Dumba.


“MUK provides a platform for learning, FUE provides a platform for work. This creates a dire need for the partnership,” said the FUE Chairperson Mr. Nicholas Okwir. With the vast knowledge in research and psychology at its disposal, it was imperative for FUE to partner once again with MUK to conduct this year’s EYA survey under the theme Human Resource Analytics added Mr. Okwir. Due to the continued success of EYA in Uganda, countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Canada, Barbados are already benchmarking with FUE to see to it that the same concept is a success in their own backyard.

As we all know that many of the case studies that we apply at workplaces were developed by foreigners basing on the conditions of employment in their specific countries of origin. With this partnership we aim at developing our own native case studies basing on the native conditions of employment in Uganda. We believe MUK can  guarantee the success of this development,” concluded the FUE Executive Director, Mrs. Rosemary Ssenabulya.


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