Today’s tremendous changes in business require organisations to be innovative and creative in order to remain competitive and relevant to customers/members. The Department continues to re-invent as well as customise services that meet customer needs.

The department is charged with:
Membership Recruitment and Retention through provision of quality services, benefits and products.

Developing new products and services, marketing organisation’s products and services as well as filling the gap between the Secretariat and the members it serves.Read more

A leading organization in serving employers’ interests and needs by 2018

To enhance employers’ competitiveness through policy advocacy, fostering best employment relations and provision of business development services.

Responsive to Change
Transparency and integrity
Team spirit and commitment

Contact details
Head Office:
Federation of Uganda Employers
Plot 1207 Kiwanga,Seeta off Jinja - Mukono Highway.
Tel +256414220389. +256414220201. +256392777411.
Email: .