Federation of Uganda Employers

The Voice of Uganda Employers Since 1960

About us

The Federation was registered on 18th August 1960

under the names of Society of Employers and it was changed to Federation of Uganda Employers on 17th August 1961 under the Trustees Incorporation Act 1939. Today, FUE is the Voice of Employers on social and economic issues. It is recognized both locally and internationally.
Our mission
To enhance Employers’ competitiveness through policy advocacy, fostering sustainable employment relations and provision of business support services.
Our vision
The leading organization in serving Employers’ interests and needs.
Our mandate
To represent Ugandan employers on pertinent issues across the country.

First word

Welcome to the official website of Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE). We are delighted to have you here. On this platform you can learn more about us, what we do, what we stand for, updates on what we are doing, and much more. We remain at your service with pleasure.
Douglas Opio, Executive Director FUE


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