June Newsletter 2019
June 30, 2019
October Newsletter 2019
November 27, 2019

Call for employers views on the National Health Insurance Bill 2019

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Our esteemed employer share your views on the National Health Insurance Bill 2019, we would like to echo your voice on some of the imperative sections within the bill.

The objective of the scheme is;

  • To develop health insurance as a mechanism for financing health care in Uganda.
  • To facilitate the provision of efficient, equitable, accessible, affordable and quality health care to all residents of Uganda.
  • To ensure quality of health care services, equity, appropriate utilisation of services and patient satisfaction in the provision of health care.

Section 21 states that every person who has attained and who is ordinarily resident in Uganda shall be liable as a contributor to the Fund. 

  • A deduction rate will be effected by employer from the employee’s monthly wage.
  • An annual contribution will be made by self employed individuals.
  • The contribution rate is yet to be set after consultation by the responsible ministries.