Employer of the Year Awards (EYA)

As the premier voice of  Employers in Uganda since 1960, the Employer of the Year Awards (EYA) is an initiative to reward Employers with best practices. Due to this initiative, FUE has a partnership with Makerere University School of Psychology. The school provides a team that executes a survey through our member companies to examine different employment practices and the data collected informs who qualifies to win an award and in which category.

Once the survey is done, we organize the award ceremony in one of the best hotels (previously Kampala Serena Hotel). It is usually an epic event that attracts the general public, media as well as HR professionals, CEOs and top decision makers to witness who performed well in different categories.

The event is then followed up with a feedback seminar where we release the EYA Report, a highly rated valuable publication solely based on the survey.  The report is available at a fee to everyone who is interested in learning from some of the best.