March Newsletter 2019
March 31, 2019
FFP alumni organize a breakfast meeting on women mentorship
April 17, 2019

FUE holds the second Chinese business seminar

On 9th April 2019, FUE organized the second Chinese seminar in partnership with the China Enterprise Confederation and NHO. The event took place at Hotel Africana from 9am to 12pm.

As the Federation of Uganda Employers we understand that the growth of the Ugandan business environment has not been only convenient to locals but attracted a whole range of foreign investors and business men from multiple countries to come and do business here. Among these is the Chinese business community who are doing a reputable job in almost all sectors in Uganda.

It is upon that background that we organize the Chinese seminar on a regular basis to primarily reach out to the Chinese employers with in the country. During this seminar we talked about the available opportunities for Chinese entrepreneurs in Uganda’s free zones, key labor issues for Chinese enterprises in Uganda’s free zones, Uganda’s labor laws,  as well as shared what FUE has in stock for Chinese employers.

On a general overview, we believe empowering Chinese employers is not only good for the particular Chinese employers but good of the nation at large especially in areas like employment creation and widening our tax base.