April Newsletter 2019
May 1, 2019
FUE CEO Forum in conjunction with NUDIPU
May 30, 2019

Higher Education Students Financing Board engages members of FUE

The concept of student loans for higher education is fairly new in Uganda, but most importantly, it is working.

In Uganda, the Higher Education Students Financing Board is a government body whose sole purpose is to facilitate the whole process of student loans. Since its inception in 2014, over 1,700 students have benefited from the scheme, some have already paid off their loans and many others are in the process of clearing their loans. This has been because of an employer somewhere in the life of the graduates after school.

It is from that background that the Higher Education Students Financing Board held a sensitization workshop on the role of employers in the recovery of student loans. The event took place on 9th May 2019 at Golf Course hotel Kampala. In attendance were FUE members from different sectors under the headship of the FUE Executive Director.

The major focus of discussion was on the role of employers in the loan recovery process. In his presentation, Mr Michael Wanyama, the Executive Director, HESFB called upon employers to support the process of loan recovery and join in sensitizing others. He appreciated FUE and the board for the milestones thus far.

The FUE Executive Director also encouraged employers to have an engaging discussion and go out to be ambassadors of the loan recovery scheme

As a Federation, we recognize the role played the Higher Education Students Financing Board in preparing young people and putting them in an employable position.

We continuously encourage employers to support the loan recovery process and enable the scheme to have a continuous impact it has already had on the lives of many beneficiaries.