Our Objectives

  • To encourage and promote the development and maintenance of good relations between Employers and Workers and the observance of fair and equitable conditions of Employment.
  • To promote and encourage consultation amongst its Members on matters concerning Employment and Industrial Development.
  • To advise and cooperate with the Government of Uganda and with others in the promotion and protection of Employment interests and Industrial Development.
  • To promote and encourage labour market and other surveys and the collection and dissemination amongst employers of statistical information and to provide information and advice on all matters to such interests.
  • To collaborate with the Government of Uganda and other bodies in surveying requirements of Employers in the fields of skilled and specialist personnel manpower development and to promote and advise in the promotion of schemes for training of personnel locally and abroad.
  • To advise Employers on labour disputes and to present and arrange for the representation of Employers in any proceedings before the Arbitration Board, Committees of Inquiry, Industrial Court or other judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.
  • To initiate, promote, support or approve legislative and other measures affecting or likely to affect the interests of Employers.